Man is a genius

When he's dreaming

Nite helps people improve their lifestyle and live better,
allowing you to improve your sleep quality and track your habits.

Sleeping insights.

Track everyday how did you feel last night, We'll help you understand what's not working.

Respect your habits.

Set your own habits, and challenge yourself every week to beat your previous results.

A better lifestyle.

Our mission is to help people achieve a better lifestyle, starting from here.

Your personal space.

Bring nite everywhere on every device

We provide our services on many different platforms, starting from a Web app, a mobile platform and soon even on a desktop application.

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Get the most out of your daily actions

Set some habits, and try your best to respect them.
With some tips, you can do better and change your life

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Sleeping Insights
to track your sleep

Put together your insights and track everyday how did you feel last night.
We'll help you understand what's not working!

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Join nite.

We are currently developing our first beta release for the public. Meanwhile, you can join our waitlist and follow us on our social networks.